Jefferson P Hulsey and Sarah E Haney

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Today’s post is for my paternal great-grandparents, Jefferson and Sarah Hulsey.

Surnames mentioned: Arendall, Barksdale, Byrd, Gassoway, Haney, Hulsey, Junkins, King, Riley, Wood.  Places mentioned: Abilene, Taylor County, TX; Ball Ground, Murray Co, GA; Capt Barrett District, Lumpkin Co, GA; Calhoun, Gordon Co, GA; Dalton, Whitfield Co, GA; Greenville, SC; Hall County, GA; Lumpkin County, GA; Moody, McLennan Co, TX; Murray Co, GA; Spring Place, Murray Co, GA; Waco, McLennan Co, TX.

Jefferson Parks Hulsey was born about 1828 at Hall County, GA to Pleasant Hulsey (abt. 1792-1865), a farmer from Greenville, SC, who settled in North Georgia, and Elizabeth “Lucy” Byrd (1800-1845). J. P. was one of the youngest of seven brothers and at least two sisters.

1830 Census Hall Co, GA:
Pleasant Hulsey – Males: 2 under age 5; 2 age 5 to 9; 2 age 10-14; 1 age 20-29; 1 age 30-39. Females: 2 age 20-29; 1 age 39-39. No slaves.

1840 Census Capt Barrett District, Lumpkin Co, GA:
Pleasant Hulsey – Males: 1 age 5-9, 1 age 10-15, 2 age 15-19, 2 age 20-29, 1 age 40-49; Females 1 age 40-49. No slaves.

Sarah E. Haney / Haynie was born 1830 in Lumpkin Co, GA. Her surname has been reported also as Honey, Harvey, Hood and … Byrd. Her parents are not known for sure. A good candidate is Jesse Haynie, who was living next door to the Pleasant Hulsey household in the 1840 census, having multiple females of correct age. J. P. ‘s brother, James Hulsey (b. 1817) was married to a Martha Haney (b.1825), who was probably related to Sarah.

Jefferson Hulsey married Sarah Haney on July 25, 1847 at Lumpkin Co, GA.  A few years ago, and again recently, when doing searches for Jefferson Hulsey and Sarah Haney, I had hits on the UK site for Ancestry on a public tree. Lo and behold, there were thumbnail photos, along with the actual marriage record, not a transcription. No help on her parents, though.

Together, J.P. and Sarah Hulsey had the following children, all born in Georgia:

1. Pleasant Andrew Hulsey (abt 1847-1870) b. in Murray Co, GA. He’s listed in the 1870 Mortality Schedule for Murray Co, GA, age 23, farmer, died in January from inflammation of the brain, in household 17. Looking on the census report for this household, we find Lydia Hulsey, 25, (father foreign born), with children Mary (3), Sarah (2), Julia (1), Lydia (3 months). Further research reveals Lydia M Junkins, whose father, Samuel, was born in Ireland, was the wife of Pleasant A Hulsey. I do not know what became of her after Pleasant’s death.

2. Malinda Hulsey b. 1850 – probably died before 1860, as she is not with the family on that census or subsequent ones.

3. John Wesley Hulsey (1853-1935) Was a farmer. Married first abt 1874 to Margarette Gassoway (1851-1918). He married 2nd to Nora Riley. They lived at Moody, McLennan Co, TX.

4. Hilliard “Smith” Hulsey (abt 1858-?), born in Murray Co, GA, farm labor at home in the 1880 Census. I haven’t found him in any records after that.

5. Sarah Jane Hulsey (1860-1936) born at Spring Place, Murray Co, GA. She married Wyatt Wood in 1884. They lived in Murray County and Calhoun, Gordon Co, GA. In 1910, she reported having 12 children. They are buried in Calhoun, GA.

6. Margaret “Emily” Hulsey (1862-1933), also reported as Emily Melissa. She married William L King at Murray County in 1882. Together they had at least 14 children. I’ve mentioned before that when I was little, I was told we had a lot of King cousins in Texas. They moved to McLennan County and then to Abilene, Taylor County, TX, where they are buried at the I.O.O.F Section of Abilene Municipal Cemetery. His Findagrave memorial includes a wonderful family photo.

7. Nancy Caroline “Carrie” Hulsey (1864-1953) She married John D Carnes in 1884 at Murray Co, GA and made the move to McLennan Co, TX. They had at least 8 children. Buried in Moody Cemetery, McLennan County.

8. Frances Emmaline “Fannie” Hulsey (1866-1907). Married Thomas H Barksdale in 1892 at Murray County GA. She died at Waco, McLennan Co, TX. and is buried at Robinson Cemetery. One of their children, Cousin Gwin Barksdale (1893-1986) was close to my father’s family.

9. Thomas Jefferson Hulsey (1868-1952) was born in Murray Co. Married Mary Bird Arendall in 1895 at Waco, McLennan Co, TX and lived in Moody. He was a farmer. They moved to Taylor Co, TX, living on a farm at Caps and then in town at Abilene. Together they had 4 children. Tommy and Mary were my grandparents. Please read my profile about them [HERE].

10. Lydia Kansas Hulsey (1870-1958). She never married and presumably stayed with her father until his death. Afterward, she is listed as a boarder in the Beasley household on Sayles Blvd in Abilene.

Census reports

1850 Census Barret District, Lumpkin Co, GA:
Jefferson Hulsey, age 20; Sarah, 22, Andrew, 3; Malinda, 6 months.
On the previous page are the households of brothers John, Joseph and William, with their father, Pleasant in John’s home.

1860 Census Spring Place, Murray Co, GA:
Jefferson Hulsey, 33, Day laborer; Sarah, 35; Pleasant A, 12; John W, 6; Hillard S, 2; Sarah J, 3 months.

His Civil War record:
Longstreets Division ARMY OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA, C.S.A.
Hulsey, Jefferson P. – Private May 16, 1862. Wounded and
captured at Sharpsburg, Md. Sept. 17, 1862. Paroled for
exchange Nov. 10, 1862. Roll for Feb. 28, 1865, last on
file, shows him absent without leave. No later record.
Fold3 has images of some of the muster rolls and pay records.

1870 Census Militia District 872 (Dalton), Whitfield Co, GA:
Hulsey, Jefferson P, age 41, wagoning; Sarah, 44; John W, 17, on farm; Smith, 11; Sarah J, 10; Margaret E, 7; Nancy C, 5; Frances E, 3. All born in GA.
Hulsey, William, 54, Farming; Malinda, 52 (b. NC); Thomas J, 1.
The more I look at this, I think that Sarah was expecting Lydia, and William and Malinda took in little Tommy as a help during Sarah’s pregnancy. Unless the 3 month old Lydia in the household of Lydia Junkins Hulsey (above) was J.P. and Sarah’s baby. Relationships are not explicitly stated in 1870. If this was the case, then it’s possible that Sarah was having health problems and couldn’t care for the babies.

1880 Census Ball Ground, Murray Co, GA:
Hulsey, Jefferson, 52, Farmer; Sarah, 56; Smith, 22; Sarah Jane, 20; Emily, 17; Caroline, 15; Frances, 13; Thomas, 12; Lydia C, 9; plus granddaughters, Mary, 13; Sarah L, 12; Julie, 10 (children of deceased son, Pleasant A). All children except Lydia and Julie are listed as farm laborers. J.P. lists both of his parents as born in Virginia on this census.

I don’t know for sure what was the motivation for three different lines of my family to move from North Georgia to Central Texas. In reading a local history about McLennan County, Texas, I gather that there was a protracted dispute over an old Spanish land grant that caused a delay in settlement until the 1870’s and later. From the records I have found, the Hulsey’s entered the area in the early to mid 1890’s, mostly to farm.

1900 Census: J.P., Sarah, and Lydia are not found in either McLennan or Taylor Counties, alone or with any of the children, who by this time were all adults.

Sarah Haney Hulsey’s death is reported in 1900 at McLennan Co, TX, but I haven’t found any supporting documents or grave. Exact date is given as March 6, 1900 in a tree by my cousins Sylvia and Dan West.  But now they are both gone, I can’t ask how they got this date.

Abilene Reporter:

1907: Death of Fannie Barksdale, J. P. is mentioned as living on a farm east and north of Abilene.

Jan 20, 1908: “J. P. Hulsey , living out east of town was in Saturday and the writer was glad to meet him. Mr Hulsey and a daughter live alone, but had a little grand son living with them up to two months ago when he was taken sick and died, and the grandfather now feels that his joy and future hopes are gone. We deeply sympathize with Mr. Hulsey and the daughter but Master Trammel has only paid the debt we all have to pay sooner or later.” Findagrave has a listing for Trammel Hulsey, but no additional information about his family.

1908 Census of local Confederate veterans: Hulsey, J.P. 78 years, Abilene.

1910 Census: Again, I cannot find J.P. nor Lydia in Taylor or surrounding counties.

Jefferson Parks Hulsey died March 1910 with burial in I.O.O.F. section, Abilene Municpal Cemetery. My grandfather, Thomas J Hulsey, applied to the U.S. War Dept for a CSA marker in August, 1929, and it was approved in August, 1930, and shipped in October, 1930.

I have not found any probate record for Jefferson P Hulsey. There is a probate record for a J. P. Hulse in Eastland County, but the childrens names do not match at all, and the date is out a little.


As always, I enjoy researching and writing about my relatives.  I grew up with such a strong identity of being half Texan.  Just think, though, if these Hulseys and most of their children and grandchildren had not moved to Texas, I would be cheering for Ugga, the Georgia Bulldog instead of Bevo, the Texas Longhorn. Hook ’em, Horns! 😉



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