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This post is about another set of my 5th-great grandparents, Josiah Noyes and Eunice MoorsSurnames mentioned: Greenleaf, Kelly, Moors, Norton, Noyes, Pineo, Stickney, Stubbs, Thurlo, Tupper, Watts, Whitney.  Places mentioned: Jonesboro, Washington Co, ME; Newbury, Essex Co, MA; North Yarmouth, Cumberland Co, ME; Rowley, Essex Co, MA;

Josiah Noyes was born April 8, 1742 in Newbury, Essex Co, MA to Nehemiah Noyes (b. abt 1709) and Anne Stickney (b. abt 1711). He was the fifth of ten children. The family lived in Newbury, but the last few children were baptised in Byfield Parish, which is in neighboring Rowley.

Some sources say that Josiah served in the French and Indian War, but I cannot find any records of his service. He is not listed in the regiments formed in either Newbury or Rowley. If he did serve, he would have been quite young.

Eunice Moors was born June 30, 1747 in Rowley, Essex Co, MA to Mark Moors, Jr. (1714-1753) and Ruth Greenleaf (abt 1718-1793). Eunice had 4 siblings. Her dad died before her 10th birthday. Her mother remarried to Jonathan Thurlo or Thorla in 1758. He was a recent widower with children. He and Ruth had 4 more children.

Josiah Noyes married Eunice Moors on Feb 6, 1764 at Rowley, MA when he was almost 22 and she was 16. Their intentions were posted on Apr 13, 1763 – so they were engaged for almost 10 months. It seems that shortly after getting married they removed to North Yarmouth in Cumberland County, Maine. Nehemiah Noyes, who died in July, 1764, is shown as owning land there, although I don’t have any record that he ever lived there himself.

Children of Josiah and Eunice Moors reportedly born in North Yarmouth and Jonesboro Maine:
1. Elizabeth “Betsey” Noyes ( abt 1763-1845) married in 1783 Moses Stubbs. They lived in Cumberland County, ME. They had one daughter.
2. Abigail Noyes (1766-1831) born in North Yarmouth, ME. Married at Jonesboro in 1786 to Joseph Tupper, who died in 1795. They had 4 children, 2 of whom died in infancy. Next, she married David Watts (1761-1828). They had 7 children in Jonesboro. Abigail is buried in Cherryfield. Abigail and David Watts are my 4xGreat grandparents. Please read my profile of them HERE.
3. Mary “Polly” Noyes (1772-1852). She married Samuel Watts (1756-1849) in Jonesboro in 1789. He was brother to David Watts above. They had 7 children.
4. Susannah Noyes (1776-1855) was born in North Yarmouth, ME. She married Thomas Watts (1776-1806) in Jonesboro in 1798. He was brother to Samuel and David Watts. That’s three sisters who married three brothers. But back then, Jonesboro was a very small, isolated community. They had 4 children. After Thomas died, Susannah married Timothy Pineo (1780-1861) in 1807. Together they had another 4 children.
5. Sarah, “Sally” Noyes (1779-1857) married Ephraim Whitney (1770-1858) in 1795 at Jonesboro. They had 12 children. Ephraim was a prominent member of the community.
6. John H Noyes (1782-1857) was born in Yarmouth, ME. He married Emma Norton in Jonesboro in 1804. They had 9 children.
7. Josiah Stickney Noyes (1789-1874) was born in Jonesboro. He married Elizabeth Bowdin “Betsey” Kelly. They had 4 children.

There was another Josiah Noyes, son of Joseph Noyes, who lived in Falmouth, Maine which is near North Yarmouth. It’s difficult not to get them confused. That Josiah Noyes was a tax collector and land owner.  The children of our Josiah were mostly reported as born at North Yarmouth, ME during the Revolutniary War. Josiah would have been in his mid-30’s during the war, so could have served. I’m not sure if the following is for our Josiah Noyes, or the other one:

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution
Vol 11, p554 “NOYES, Josiah, New Casco. Capt James Merrill’s co, Col. Jonathan Mitchell’s (Cumberland Co) regt.; service, 3 days in Nove, 1775, fortifying Falmouth; also, Private, Capt William Cobb’s co; marched July 8, 1779; discharged Sept 25, 1779; service, 2 mos. 17 days; company raised in Cumberland Co for service on Penobscot expedition and service in Col Jonathan Mitchell’s regiment; also, Capt William Cobb’s co, Col Jonathan Mitchell’s detachment pay abstract for mileage, sworn to at North Yarmouth, Nov 26, 1779 reported as having first drawn rations at Falmouth and as discharged at Falmouth.”

Falmouth, took heavy damage from the British. Eunice was bearing and caring for several children during the war years. It’s little wonder that after the war, the family moved once again, this time to Jonesboro, Washington Co, Maine some time between 1782 and 1786. Please note, though, that eldest daughter, Betsey, married Moses Stubbs in 1783 and remained in Cumberland County.

Documents and Events

1790 Census: Township West of Machias, Plantation 22
Josiah Noyes: 1 male under 16, 2 males 16+, 3 females any age

1792-96 Levi Bowker Account Book: I have in my possession an account book that belonged to my ancestor Levi Bowker. He was a carpenter, who was married to the sister of Josiah and Eunice’s sons-in-law, Betsey Watts Bowker. Anyway, the debits page shows several days of labor by Levi and 3 other men. On the credits page, Levi lived in Josiah’s house for 5 months, and on several occasions, Josiah and 4 of his oxen helped Levi haul wood for lumber. The book does not specifiy what Levi and crew built, but presumably one or more of the structures listed in the tax rolls below.

1798 Direct Tax rolls: List #4, Plantation 22,

  • Occupant/Owner: Josiah Noyes, Number of Dwelling Houses, etc. Exempt: – ; Non-exempt Dwelling Houses 1 , Acres 1, Porches, Lots, Assessed Value 200, Rate 10%, Revised valuation 220 dollars.
  • Plus another property occupied by “Merritt and Watts”, Owned by Josiah Noyes, Non-exempt: 1 house, 1 acres, Assessed 200, Rate 10%, Revised valuation: 220 dollars.
  • Additional acres: 99 with first property above, and 34 acres with the second – combined assessed value is 576, revised valuation is 633 dollars and 60 cents.

1800 Census Plantation 22:
Noyes, Josiah – males: 1 age 10 to 16; 1 age 16 to 26; 1 age 45 and over; females 1 age 16 to 26; 1 age 45 and older.

1810 Census Jonesboro:
Noyes, Josiah – 1 male 16 to 26; 1 male 45 and older; 2 females 16 to 26; 1 female 45 and older.

Josiah Noyes died Oct 5, 1817, age 75 in Jonesboro, Washington Co, ME. His probate happened:

Will written Nov 24th 1803 in Chandlers River (aka Jonesboro):  Josiah Noyce, yeoman, leaves one half of real and personal property to Eunice and the other half equally divided between his two sons, John H and Josiah, Jr. with 15 dollars each to his daughters, Elizabeth Stubbs, Abigail Watts, Polly Watts, Susannah Watts and Sally Whitney. After Eunice decease, her half of the estate is to be divided between John and Josiah, Jr. Eunice and John are executors. Witnessed Stephen Jones, Sarah Jones, Ellen Crocker.

April 21, 1818: John Noyes is to notify concerned parties that on the fourth day of June next they should appear before the judge to present anything for or against said will.

June 4, 1818: Stephen Jones Judge of Probate accepts the will presented by Eunice Noyes and John Noyes on Jun 4, 1818 and $1000 bond to Gideon O Tupper and Samuel Watts (which one?) to pay debts and legacies as put forth in the will.

Josiah is one of the few relatives I’ve had that did not die intestate. The up side is that he was a man of means. The down side is that we do not get a detailed inventory. It also means we do not get further reference to Eunice due to lack of an extended probate process. One assumes she was living with one of her children…

1820 Census Jonesboro Maine:
Eunice would be about age 72. There is a female over 45 in the household of Josiah S Noyes. Other family households (Watts, Whitney, Noyes, Pineo) either don’t have a female that age, or are accounted for as Eunice’s daughters who were born before 1775.

1830 Census Jonesboro Maine:
Eunice would be about age 82. Ephraim Whitney household had 2 females between 80 and 90 years of age. This looks like the most likely place for Eunice, but of course, we don’t know.

Eunice Moors Noyes died Feb 24, 1832 age 84 at Jonesboro, Washington Co, ME. I do not know the final resting place for Josiah or Eunice Noyes. My guess is that they are in the vicinity of Jonesboro.

One of the most useful things about doing these profiles is that it helps me sort out who was where at certain points in a common timeline. Before this, I hadn’t realized that our Noyes bunch were not in Jonesboro until after the Revolution. Their migration from Essex County, MA to Cumberland County, ME to Washington County, ME echoes that of other ancestors, and probably for similar reasons. While other peoples families were headed to the American Midwest, mine decided to gather DownEast! I guess that makes them finest kind. 😉 If you have been reading these humble posts, then you are finest kind also!

Merry Christmas,

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