John William Arendall and Martha Connally

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Today’s post is a profile of my paternal great-grandparents, John W Arendall and Martha Connally.

Surnames mentioned: Arendall, Ash, Barnes, Blakely, Cantrell, Connally, Cooper, Dean, Donald, Hulsey, Taylor.

Places mentioned: Abilene, Taylor Co, TX; Carnesville, Franklin Co, GA; Chestatee, Forsyth Co, GA; El Paso, El Paso Co, TX; Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, TX; Kerrville, TX; Moody, McLennan Co, TX; Rock Creek, Murray Co, GA; Spring Place, Murray Co, GA; Sunland Park, Dona Ana Co, NM; Tennessee; Wichita Co, TX;

John William Arendall was born March 18, 1853 in Franklin Co, GA to Pleasant M Arendall, a farmer and Martha A Ash. They lived in the very north part of Georgia on former Cherokee lands, that were granted in a series of land lotteries during the 1830’s.

1860 Census, Franklin Co GA, Carnesville Post Office:
Pleasant M Arendal, 30, Farmer; Martha A Arendal, 29; John W Arendal, 7; Jessie B Arendal, 2.

Pleasant served the Confederate cause. He and Martha were in Hall County, GA in 1880. I have not found them or their children in 1870.

John W Arendall married Martha Connally in about 1874. Again, I have not found the exact record for that yet.

Martha Connally, daughter of Nathaniel Connally and Mary Barnes, was born April 9, 1856 in Rock Creek, Murray Co, GA. She was the sixth of nine children.

1860 Census, Rock Creek, Murray Co, GA, Militia District 825:
Nathaniel Connally, 46, b. Tennessee, farmer; Mary Connally, 43, b. GA; Mathew, 14; Jenny L, 11; Martha, 4; David, 7; John, 1 [scratched through]; Rufus Daton, 35, Farm labor.

1870 Census, Spring Place, Murray Co, GA:
Mary P Connally, 53, (head); David, 16; Martha, 14; Dewit C, 11; Alberta, 9 – all born GA. Nathaniel is missing from this census. However there are several Connally relatives living nearby. Also in this general timeframe is when members of the extended family started moving west with most of them landing in central Texas, in and around McLennan County.

The Children of John W and Martha Arendall were:

1. Nathaniel Pleasant Arendall (b.1874 in GA, d. Oct 20, 1924 in Pulaski, AR). “Ples” worked in the Texas oil fields and farmed. In 1906 he married Harriet “Allie” Taylor, who was previously married to Dean. They raised her son and together had four children. They lived in Taylor Co, TX; Callahan Co, TX; Jones Co, TX; Wichita Co, TX; and Sevier Co, AR.

2. Mary Bird Arendall (1876-1954) married Thomas J Hulsey, a farmer, and had 4 children, living primarily in Abilene, Taylor Co, TX. These were my grandparents. Please read a profile of them HERE.

3. John A Arendall (1878-1918). John was a barber in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, TX with wife Nora “Birdie” and two children, Kathleen and “Billie.” He died from a gunshot wound after an altercation with the bartender at the Worth Hotel, who claimed self-defense. I have a vague childhood memory of an Aunt Birdie, but I’m not at all sure if I met her or only heard about her. I got stuck looking for Birdie’s maiden name. Also I want to thank Terry aka “Chimp” at the Genealogy Specialist site for finding a free copy of the newspaper article:  Additional kudos to GS members Sue and Wendy (Archie’s Mum and Ma-dotcom, respectively) for their kind assistance.

4. Anna Arendall (1883-1968) Married 1st Edon Cantrell (1870-1959), in Abilene Aug 31, 1903 and had a daughter. They divorced around 1910. Anna married 2nd Lewis W Cooper, (b. 1890) a truck mechanic, in Fresno, CA 20 Feb 1914 and had a son there. In Mary Hulsey’s 1954 obituary, Anna is listed as living in Paris, MI. She is buried at Maple Grove Cemetery, Harrison, Clare Co, MI.

5. Jesse James Arendall (May 5,1886-Feb 29, 1984) married Ida Rose Blakely (1888-1972) and had seven children. He is buried at Hamby Cemetery, Taylor County, TX.

6. William Livingston Arendall – “Willie” (Oct 29,1890-1972), was a barber. His wife’s name was Partheany or “Pennie”. Her SSDI record has her dates as 1903-1974, but I haven’t found their marriage record or her maiden name. They lived mostly in Lubbock and El Paso as well as across the state line into Dona Ana, New Mexico. In 1922, W L Arendall was granted guardianship of his late brother, John’s, children as their mother was not able to support them. By 1928, Kathleen was back living with Birdie in Abilene.

7. Paul Arendall (b. 1893 in Waco, TX, d. 1970 at the Veteran’s Hospital in Kerrville, TX). He married Luella Donald (1896-1978). Paul was a veteran of World War I. He was yet another Arendall brother who was a barber. His family lived in Abilene, Taylor Co, TX. Again, I think I might have met Uncle Paul at a family function (probably my cousin’s wedding) I well remember his daughter, Johnnie Thompson, who was very kind to our family when my dad died.

In addition, Ancestry’s profile page for John W Arendall and Martha Connally has these children, all died young, for whom I do not have any documentation:
Addie Arendall b. Oct 20, 1880, d. Dec 29, 1880 [1980 sic]
Michael Arendall b. Feb 15, 1881; d. May 1881
Dora Arendall b. Apr 29, 1885; d. July, 1885
Earley Arendall b. Oct 15, 1889; d. Jan, 1890
Winnie Arendall b/d 1888-89
Nora Savana Arendall b. May 7, 1895; d. July 12, 1895
Dewey Sly Arendall b. May 8, 1897; d. Aug 21, 1899.

I have seen some of these names when searching for Arendall’s in various places, but cannot positively place them. The last two would be in Texas, the rest in Georgia.

John and Martha Arendall are found in the following Census reports, Directory Listings, Newspaper clippings, and Real Estate transactions-

1880 Census Chestatee, Forsyth Co, GA:
John W Arendall, 25, Farmer; Martha, 23; Nathan P, 6; Mary B, 3; John, 1.

1900 Census Moody, McLennan Co, TX: John Arndoll, 47, married 25 yrs, farmer; Martha, 44; Nathan, 25; John, 21; Anna, 17; Jessie, 14; Willie, 9; Paul, 7. All born in Georgia except Paul, who was born in Texas. This narrows down the move from Georgia and Texas between Willie’s birth in late 1890 and Paul’s in May, 1893. By this time, many members of Mary’s extended Connally family were already well established in Texas. Jessie is listed as a daughter, but turns out to be Jessie James above.

1909 Real Estate Transfers:
– C. W. Dudley to J. W. Arendall, 50 acres off the south half of lot 3, Anderson and Berry’s subdivision of the Alexander Thompson survey 37 in Taylor county, $1 and the surrender of notes
– J. W. Arendall and wife to T. E. Willis, 60 acres of land out of the east end of lot 3, Anderson and Berry subdivision or Alexander Thompson survey in Taylor County…. $2400.

1909 City Directory, Abilene, TX: Arendall John W, Paul student, William L student all r 803 S 7th.

Abilene Reporter 1909, J. W. Arendall is on a list of members of petit jurors.

1910 Census, Abilene, Taylor Co, TX: John W Arendall, 54, m. 36 yrs, living on own means; Martha, 54, had 14 children, 7 still living; Paul, 16, in school.

1911 City Directory, Abilene, TX:
Arendall John W residence 849 Chestnut
Arendall Paul student, home 849 Chestnut
Arendall William L barber, Anthony Kucholtz, home 849 Chestnut

1914 City Directory, Abilene, TX:
Arendall John W, wagon yard es Walnut, bet N 2d, N 3rd, r 829 Chestnut
Arendall Nathaniel P, lab J W Arendall h 829 Chestnut

1915 City Directory, Abilene, TX:
Arendall, John W r 1003 Locust
Arendall, William L barber, r ws Pine 1 n Anderson ave

Abilene Reporter
Jan, 1918 – Ira Kirksey, aged about 11 years of 635 Beech street, was struck down and run over by an automobile driven by J. W. Arendall of this city (Abilene), Thursday evening in front of the Compton Drug Store. Mr and Mrs Arendall were in the car, driving south and started to drive around another car to keep from hitting it, and as they did so the boy, who had started across the street, stepped in front of the Arendall car and was run over, receiving a gash in the back of his head which required four stitches to close. The wheels of the car did not pass over the boy. The driver stopped the car almost instantly. The boy’s injuries were not serious.

1919 City Directory, Abilene, TX:
Arendall Jesse J, lab r 1625 Pine
Arendall John W, farmer, Arendall Paul, farmer, Arendall Wm L, barber, home 1003 Locust

1920 Census Abilene Taylor Co TX:
J W Arndall age 66 owns home on Locust; Martha, 62; Paul, 26 single, barber

1921 City Directory, Abilene TX:
Arendall Jesse J r 986 Locust
Arendall John W, Arendall Paul, barber, r 1003 Locust

1921 Real Estate Transfers: W. L. Arendall to J. W. Arendall south one-half of the east 140 feet of lot 7 block 3 of the subdivision of lot 1, block 203, Abilene, May 2, 1921… $1,100.

John W Arendall died Apr. 6, 1922 age 69, in Abilene, Texas, cause: heart disease w senility, informant: W.L. Arendall buried Abilene Municipal Cemetary.  This was only a few weeks before my Dad’s birth.  What a shame.  Here’s the link on FindaGrave.

1924 City Directory, Abilene TX:
Arendall, Jesse J (Ida), Arendall, Orel L presser Jones Tailoring Co, Arendall, Ruby Miss r 974 Locust
Arendall, Martha (wid John W) r 809 Sycamore [home of daughter Mary B Hulsey]
Arendall, Paul (Luella) barber Union Barber Shop, Arendall, Wm L (Union Barber Shop; Midget Cafe) r 1035 Wilson av

1927 City of Abilene Ordinance to Assess Taxes to property owners for widening roads:
Lots 12 and 11, Block 208 Anderson Subdivistion 140 ft frontage, $979.04
Mrs. Nora Arendall (a widow) [Birdie]; Mrs. Martha Arendall (a widow); Billie Arendall and Cathryn Arendall (minors) and W.L. Arendall Guardian for the estate of Billie and Cathryn Arendall (minors); Jessie J Arendall; Paul Arendall; W.L. Arendall; Anna Arendall-Cooper and L.W. Cooper; Mary Arendall Hulsey and T. J. Hulsey; and the heirs of Nathaniel Arendall.

1928 City Directory, Abilene TX:
Arendall Birdie Mrs, Arendall Kathleen Miss r1218 N 16th
Arendall Jesse J (Ida), Arendall Ora L slsmn, Arendall Ruby Miss r 1066 Locust
Arendall Martha (wid John W) h 774 Sycamore
Arendall Paul (Louella) barber C L Darden h 1041 Wilson av
Arendall Wm L barber 1049 S 1st h 2325 N 11th

1929 City Directory, Abilene, TX:
Arendall, Jesse J (Ida) Arendall, Grace Miss r 1066 Locust
Arendall, Martha (wid John W) 774 Sycamore
Arendall, Paul (Louella) barber Fifth Ave Barber & Beauty Shop h 1041 Wilson av
Arendall, Wm L barber Fifth Ave Barber & Beauty Shop h 2325 N 11th

1930 Census of Abilene, TX:  Martha Arendall (73),widow, 774 Sycamore St, Abilene.

1931 City Directory, Abilene, TX:
Arendall, Jesse J (Ida), Arendall, Grace Miss r 1066 Locust
Arendall Martha (wid John W), Arendall, Wm L r 774 Sycamore
Arendall, Paul (Luella) barber W A Farmer & Son h 1033 Wilson av
Arendall & Butler (W L Arendall, W Thos Butler) barbers 1074 N 1st

1933 City Directory, Abilene, TX:
Arendall, Jesse J (Ida), Arendall, Grace Miss r 1066 Locust
Arendall Martha (wid John W) h 774 Sycamore
Arendall, Paul (Luella) barber Marvin H Darden h 1041 Wilson av; Arendall, Johnnie student Simmons Univ

1934 City Directory, Abilene, TX
Arendall, Jesse J, Arendall, Clarence r1066 Locust
Arendall Martha (wid John W) h 774 Sycamore
Arendall, Paul (Luella) barber Childers Barber Shop h 1041 Wilson av

Martha Connally Arendall died May 6, 1937, age 81 years.  She is buried next to John.

A Taylor County Texas probate index on FamilySearch has an entry from May 13, 1938, J.J. Arendall executor. Notation of reply contesting Martha’s will, no indication of outcome. The full probate record is on microfilm that I could borrow to read at my local library. I think I’ll put that on the back burner to-do list for now.

As I said, I remember some of these names from childhood, and enjoyed fleshing them out at least a bit. Next time I get a chance to spend time in Abilene, I will be sure to find out more.



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