Nathaniel Connally and Mary Price Barnes

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This post is a profile of my paternal great-great-grandparents, Nathaniel and Mary Connally.

Surnames: Arendall, Barnes, Connally, Daniel, Horne, Jinkins, Jones, McEvers / McKeever, Naler / Naylor, Smith.  Places: Abilene, Taylor Co, TX; Arkansas; Ball Ground, Murray Co, GA; Breckenridge, Stephens Co, TX; Forsyth Co, GA;  Gadsden, Etowah Co, AL; Gwinnett Co, GA; McLennan Co, TX; Moody, McLennan Co, TX; Moran, Shackleford Co, TX; Murray Co, GA; Rock Creek, Murray Co, GA; Spring Place, Murray Co, GA; Warren Co, TN.

Nathaniel Connally was born about 1814 in Tennessee to Nathaniel Connally and Elizabeth Naylor / Naler. He was one of 8 children. Since he and his father had the same name, he had a nickname that I’ve seen as Than, Shan or Shane.  I’m using Shane because it’s easiest on my “reader’s ear.”  It’s just a personal preference.  If someone has evidence that another nickname is more correct, I’m easily persuaded to change.

In the Census records, Shane and most of his siblings are shown as born in Tennessee. I haven’t found the family in the 1810 or 1820 census reports in Tennessee. I found mention of the senior Nathaniel Connally in land records (Ancestry Library edition) for District 3, Warren County, TN from 1809 to about 1816. The FamilySearch wiki page for researching in Warren County says the 1810 census is lost.

1830 Federal Census, Gwinnett County, GA
Nathaniel Connally [Senior] household of 10 free, white persions.
Shane would be the male, aged between 15 and 19.
No slaves.

1832 Land Lottery
13th District, Third Section, Cherokee
Lot 248 Nathaniel Connelley’s ors (orphans), Barker’s, Gwinnett.

This record indicates that, Nathaniel, Sr. passed away prior to the 1832 lottery. At this time, Shane is about 17 years old. The 13th District, Third Section of Cherokee county became part of Murray County, GA.

Mary Price Barnes was born Mar 4, 1818 in GA to Abner Barnes and Sarah “Sally” Connally, who was a sister to Shane’s father, Nathaniel. So Mary and Shane were first cousins.

I haven’t found any records for a household headed by Abner Barnes, so I’m not sure exactly where they were living, or really much about this family, except what is in the various Connally genealogies recounted on Ancestry forum threads that quote records in the LDS vaults in Utah.

Nathaniel Connally and Mary Barnes got married before 1838 and had the following children:

1. Emily Connally (1838-1922) m. Augustus H Jones (1836-1886) a farmer, and had 5 children. They lived in Georgia, Arkansas, and Texas. They are buried at Naler Cemetery, Moody, McLennan Co, TX

2. Philo W Connally (1840-1901) m. Martha E McEvers or McKeevers (1849-1929) in GA, died in McLennan Co, TX. He was a Private in the Georgia Infantry during the Civil War. They had five children, 4 of whom were still living in 1900.

3. Matthew Strickland Connally (abt 1846-1926) m. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Daniel (b.1852). They lived mostly in Alabama, but were in McLennan County Texas by 1900. They had 11 children, 9 of whom were still living in 1910. Matthew moved back to Alabama, but Lizzie stayed in Texas with the younger children. He died in Gadsden, Etowah Co, AL He was a veteran of the Civil War.

4. Jennie L Connally (1851-1919) m. in about 1868 to James M Smith (1847- 1925), a farmer. They had 10 children, 7 of whom were still living in 1900. They moved from GA to McLennan Co, TX about 1895. They are buried in Naler Cemetery, Moody, McLennan Co, TX.

5. David V “Dave” Connally (abt 1853-1933) m. Martha Ann “Mattie” Jinkins (1853-1930) He was a farmer, whose family was in McLennan County, TX before 1880. They had 7 children, with 5 still living by 1900. By 1920, they were in Shackleford County, Tx, living with son, Richard Connally, and widowed daughter, Minnie Bufkin’s family.  Dave died in Breckenridge, Stephens Co, TX. They are buried at Moran Cemetery, Moran, Shackleford Co, TX.

6. Martha Connally (1856-1937) m. John William Arendall (1853-1922) lived in GA, Moody and Abilene TX. They are buried at Abilene Municipal Cemetery, read my profile of them [HERE]

7. John Connally (abt 1859- before 1870). He is age 1 on 1860 census, scratched through and does not appear in the next census.

8 Dewitt Clinton “Clint” Connally (1859-1930) m. Nancy Savannah Naler (1862-1936), He was a farmer, who moved to McLennan County TX in the early 1880s. They had 4 sons, and are buried in Naler Cemetery, Moody, TX.

9. Mary Alberta “Bertie” Connally (1861-1939) m. Robert A. Horne (1860-1951). He was a farmer in McLennan Co, TX. In various census reports they lived near her extended Connally relatives. Together they had 4 children. They are buried at Horne Cemetery, McLennan Co, TX.


1840 Federal Census of Canville, Forsyth County, GA
Household of Nathaniel Conly
Free White Persons – Males: 1 age 15-19; 1 age 20-29
Free White Persons – Females: 1 age under 5; 1 age 20-29
Slaves – Males: 2 age under 10; 1 age 55 – 99
Slaves – Females: 2 age under 10; 1 age 1- – 23; 1 age 24-35.
Persons employed in Argriculture: 3

Slaves.  Um, okay. Seven sounds like a lot for such a young family. I’ve been looking to see if I can find how Shane would have so many slaves this early in adulthood, unless they belonged to Mary’s family. Also why were they in Forsyth County, which was part of the “Gold Lottery,” rather than the “Land Lottery?” No luck on that so far.

1850 Federal Census, Rock Creek, Murray Co, GA
Nathaniel Connally, 36, b. TN, Farmer, val 1000 or 1800
Mary Connally 33, b. GA and all kids b. GA
Emily Connally 12; Philow Connally 10; Mathew Connally 4.

1850 Slave Schedule, Murray Co, GA
Slave Owner: Nathaniel Connolly;
Slaves (gender, age): Female 15

Now we see that the household only has 1 young female slave. Other nearby Connally households: Thomas had 7 slaves; William L had 13 slaves; Samuel H had 10 slaves.

1850 Agriculture Schedule Murray Co GA,
line 24 Nathaniel Connally
Improved acres: 50; Unimproved acres: 10; Cash value of farm: 1000; Value of Implements and Machinery: 30.
Horses: 1; Asses/Mules: 0; Milch Cows: 2; Oxen: 2; Other cattle: 2; Sheep: 4; Swine: 20; Value of Livestock 200.
Wheat Bushels: 40; Rye: 0; Indian Corn: 800; Oats, Rice, Tobacco – all 0.
Cotton, Wool, Peas/Beans, Irish Potatoes – all 0; Sweet Potato Bushels:100; Barley, Buckwheat, Orchard products, Wine – all 0; Value of Market Gardens: 50 dollars.
Next 14 columns: seed crops, hops, hemp, flax, sugar, honey, molasses- all 0.
Value of Homemade Manufactures: 60 dollars; Value of Animals Slaughtered: 80 (or could be 40) dollars.

1860 Federal Census: Rock Creek Militia District 825, Murray, Georgia
Nathiel Connally, 46, b. TN, Farmer Realestate Val: 2000; Personal Estate Val: 2500
Mary Connally, 43, b. GA (all kids b. GA)
Mathew Connally, 14; Jenney L Connally, 11; Martha Connally, 4; David Connally, 7; John Connally, 1;
Rufus Deaton 25 b. GA farm labor.

On the next page is brother, Thomas (b. 1805) and Mary (Jones) Connally family with sisters Margaret Connally (b. 1811) and Elizabeth Connally (b. 1816).  All theses Connally siblings were born in Tennessee.

1860 Slave Schedule: District 825, Murray, Georgia
Name of Slave Owner: Nathaniel Connolly
All Slaves Owned:
Gender, Age-Female, 23; Male, 9; Female, 7; Male, 3.
Number of Slave houses: 1

His brother Thomas has 3 slave houses containing 9 slaves:
55 m; 28 f; 23 m; 21 m; 14 f; 8 f; 6 f; 4 m; 2 f.

1870 Census, Spring Place, Murray Co, GA
Mary P Connally 53, Personal Estate Value: 200, Real Estate Value: 200
David Connally 16; Martha Connally 14; Dewit C Connally 11; Alberta Connally 9.

Shane’s brother, Thomas Connally, is on the previous page along with several black Connally neighbors.

There is no sign of Nathaniel “Shane” Connally in 1870. I’ve seen him listed as having died in 1878 in Texas, but no sources nor specific location are given. All of the numerous “prospects and suspects” in the records are either other people, or cannot be confirmed as our Nathaniel Connally.

1880 Census, Ball Ground, Murray co, GA
Mary Connally is age 62, widowed, with two youngest children.
Next door is Jennie L Smith’s family. By now many Connally households have already moved to Texas.

May 13, 1888 death of Mary Price Barnes Connally. She is buried at Naler Cemetery, Moody, McLennan Co, TX 70 yrs, 2 months, 9 days. (findagrave link)

It’s taken more time than I expected to get this profile written. I kept hoping to find records in the 1870’s to explain where Nathaniel was and why. If anyone has good documentation to solve this riddle, please let me know.

Again, on the topic of slavery, it’s not something I want to find in my lines. However, I cannot omit that information when it appears, and try to report it as factually as I can. Equally sad is the way the Native Americans were moved off their tribal lands in North Georgia. As I’ve said before, these are historical events that I cannot go back in time and change, but only note them as they intersect my family history.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

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