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Today’s post is to profile my 4 times great-grandparents, Richard and Ann Treleavan of Cornwall, England.

Surnames: Abrahams, Beer, Bryant, Hawken/Hocken, Littleton, Moyle, Rundle, Treleaven.  Places: Lanlivery, Cornwall, England; Lanlivet, Cornwall, England; Lostwithiel, Cornwall, England; Metcalfe Township, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada; Strathroy, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada.

A note about sources:  Most of the facts presented below are from the Cornwall OPC site, unless otherwise stated.  Other sources include the General Records Office (GRO), FreeCEN, FreeBMD, and FreeReg, and an old Cornish Gen-L page.  Additional research, logic checks and much moral support was provided by the TOP DOGS at Genealogy Specialists and my UK cousin, Liz Sibthorpe.

Richard Treleaven was baptized at Lanlivet, Cornwall on Jan 1st, 1763. His parents were Thomas Treleaven (b. 1721) and Mary Bridgeman . There were two couples named Thomas and Mary Treleaven in this time frame – one baptizing children primarily in Lanlivet, and the other in nearby Lanlivery. Many online trees attribute all the children to one set of parents. Thanks to my friends at Genealogy Specialists, I now feel certain that this Richard Treleaven belongs to this Thomas and Mary Bridgeman. 

Ann Bryant / Briant was baptized at Lanlivery on Jan 2, 1762. Her parents were John Bryant, a labourer, and Elizabeth Littleton both of Lanlivery.  From the Cornwall OPC, she appears to be the third of six siblings.

Richard Treleaven married Ann Bryant at St. Brevita’s Church (CoE) in Lanlivery on Jan 18, 1787. They had the following children, all born/baptized at Lanlivery:

1. Elizabeth Treleaven born in 1787 married her cousin, Thomas Moyle, in 1814 at Lanlivery.  Recordswise, I can find five children born in Lanlivery. Three of the children, are later found married and living in Metcalfe Twp, Middlesex Co, Canada. Elizabeth Moyle is listed, age 64, as a widow in the 1851 Census of Metcalfe, with her son, Richard, who went on to marry a Beer cousin. I do not have a death record for Elizabeth or Thomas Moyle in Canada or England.

2. Thomas Treleaven was born in 1789. In my notes I have him married in 1813 to Alice Hocken  [Hawken?] (1791-1864), and he died in 1823. He was a farmer. On the birth records for their five children (one died as a newborn), their residence in Lanlivery is called Polcan. After Thomas died, an Alice Treleaven is listed as proprietor of the Master’s Arms inn at Lostwithiel. Some of the children may have moved to Ontario, Canada, but the given names are so common that I can’t be sure.

3. Mary Treleaven born in 1791, married in 1817 at Lanlivery to her first cousin, Christopher Beer (1791-1871), Commander in the Royal Navy. Christopher’s mother, Eleanor Treleaven was sister to Mary’s father Richard. They had three children born in Cornwall, and also lived at Morice Town, Devon until they moved to Metcalfe Twp, where they were a founding family. Please read my profile of them, [HERE].

4. Ann Treleaven born in 1795.  Ann Treleaven is found in the 1851 and 1871 census reports for Metcalfe Twp. in households of relatives Winslow and Beer, respectively.  She died Jan 19, 1873 in Adelaide, Middlesex Co, Ontario – never married.

5. Maria Treleaven was born in 1800 and married in 1834 to William Hawken (d. 1871), a farmer. They had 2 or 3 daughters, one who married Maria’s nephew, Jacob C Beer. The Hawken’s are found in the census reports for Metcalfe Twp. The last record I have for Maria is the 1881 census of Strathroy, Middlesex Co, Ontario.

6. Grace Treleaven (1803-1870) m. Feb, 1822 to Charles Rundle (1796-1822), a yeoman farmer from Lanlivery. They had one daughter, Elizabeth. Grace married 2nd on May, 1828 to Phillip Abrahams (abt 1800-1882) of Lostwithiel. They had three children, all baptised at the Bodmin Weslyan Church. Starting around 1850, the records show them in Liskeard, where they are buried.

7. Richard Treleaven born 1803.  In my notes I have he died 1833 in Canada from an accidental drowning along with a young Moyle cousin.

Records and Events for Richard and Ann Treleaven:

1798 UK Land Tax (Ancestry)
Propietor: Humphrey Lawrance, Esq;
Tenant: R’d Treleaven
Sum Assessed: 1 pound, 9 shillings, 8 pence
Residence: Lanlivery   

1837 Voter list St. Austell, Lanlivery
Abode: Ruzzah; Qualification: Leasehold farm
William Colwell, tenant

1841 Civil Death Registration
Name: Richard Treleaven
Registration Quarter: Jan-Feb-Mar
Registration district: Bodmin, Cornwall (Includes Lanlivery)


GRO Reference: 1841 M Quarter of BODMIN UNION Volume 09 Page 27  January 12, 1841 Death at Ruzza Lanlivery, Richard Treleaven, age 78, farmer, Cause of Death: spasmodic stricture, William Hawken present at death.

A spasmodic stricture refers to a urinary blockage, usually with inflammation.  ======================================================

OPC Burials:
14-Jan 1841, Lanlivery
Age 78
Residence Ruzza


1841 Census of Lanlivery, Ann Treleaven is the head of household at Ruzza, age 75, with a farmer, William Colwell and wife Rebekah, both 75, and Ag-Lab, William Hawken, and wife Maria both age 35 with their small daughters, Ann and Jane, and two servants, John Rowe, 20 and Caroline Strout, 15.         

1842 Civil Death Registration Name: Ann Treleaven
Registration Quarter: Apr-May-Jun
Registration district: Bodmin

GRO Reference: 1842 J Quarter in OF BODMIN Volume 09 Page 30,
April 28, 1842 Death at Ruzza, Lanlivery, Ann Treleaven, age 80, widow of Richard, Farmer, cause of death is Gradual Decay.

Richard Treleaven wrote a will in 1837.  He died in 1841.  Ann died in 1842, before taking on administration of the estate.  The will was proved in 1852.  I have an image copy that is difficult to read, so I am depending on a transcription from Cornwall OPC, which I’m quoting below, except I have corrected the names of the two places he names as income sources:

In the Name of God Amen I Richard Treleaven in the Parish of Lanlivery in the County of Cornwall do make this as my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all former Wills heretofore made or executed by me I hereby give and bequeath to my Wife Ann Treleaven all my goods and chattles which I may leave at my decease I also give five pounds per year out of the leasehold property on [Redmoor] to be paid half yearly by William Hawken his assigns or executors and I further give ten pounds per year out of my leasehold estate at [Penquite] to be paid half yearly by Philip Abraham in confirmation of which I heareby set my hand and seal this eighteenth day of January one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven Rd Treleaven LS signed sealed and delivered in presence of us Philip Abraham Maria Hawken.

On the 7th day of Oct 1852 Administration with the Will annexed of the Goods Chattels and Credits of Richard Treleaven late of the Parish of Lanlivery in the County of Cornwall yeoman deceased was granted to Grace Abraham Wife of Philip Abraham and Daughter and Administratix of the Goods of Ann Treleaven Widow deceased whilst living the relict & the Residuary Legatee named in the said Will having been first sworn by Commission duly to adminster. No Executor named in the said Will The said Ann Treleaven died without having taken upon herself the Letters of Admon (with the said Will annexed) of the Goods of the said deceased.

Source: National Archives ref PROB 11/2160/83
Transcribed by Kath Chaveli

The reference to Redmoor could be the farm at Ruzza. I’m including an OS map below that shows Lanlivery, Ruzza, Redmoor and Penquite – along with the obligatory copyright notice.

“This work is based on data provided through and uses historical material which is copyright of the Great Britain Historical GIS Project and the University of Portsmouth”.


This branch of my tree has been on my to-do list for a very long time. I was severely “stuck.” Again, I must give a shout out to my international circle of friends, especially GS members Jellylegs, Sis, MollyMay and Archie’s Mum for their assistance in unraveling this part of the puzzle. Many hands make light work, indeed! As much as I love the endorphin rush of solo research and discovery on the hunt for family history, it’s so very nice to have help that is so cheerfully given. All I had to do was ask! Brilliant!

Warm regards,


Edited Aug 30, 2020 to add Death record for Richard Treleaven and fix minor typos – Barb

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